Founded in 2008, the fashion brand Trali have dedication and effort to bring fashion products with high applicability, modern, dynamic, consistent with cultural, aesthetic tastes of women Vietnam. With clear guidance about strategy, scale and especially the criteria of customer service, the officers and employees of Trali recruited staff is highly qualified and highly skilled. Professional work environment, modern equipment, process quality control seriously, meticulous to each product, Trali has gradually asserted, maintain and continuously improve its position in the Vietnam Fashion Market. So far, the products branded fashion Trali has been on the market all 63 provinces of the country. Through its network of retail stores in major cities such as Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh, the authorized agents and distribution partners in the provinces, fashion brand is a product Trali has been loved and trusted by thousands of women.

In 2011, Trali was admitted and match steps with the pioneer of the industry Textile and Fashion Vietnam, officially became a member of the Vietnam Textile and Apparel Association.

Slogan, logo colors and meanings:

         Slogan: Honoring Vietnamese beauty
         Brand colors: Black & White symbolizes hidden beauty, charm and perfect.
         Logo Meaning: Derived from a story of love and beauty in life, there are four types of grass leaf is specially always bring a smile happily ever after for children and women in the world.
         First leaf symbol of hope.
         Second leaf symbol of faith.
         Third leaf symbol of love.
         The last leaf symbol of luck.
Wishing all women are lucky, beautiful, happy and successful in life.

Trali desire to become a fashion brand most preferred by women.
Become Vietnamese fashion brand with a foothold in the region and the world.
Trali products are the products of modern fashion usefulness to people can freely and creatively incorporate them in their own unique style of each person, regardless of age and profession.

Operating philosophy:
Customers are No. 1
Creating a healthy work environment with competitive to each member creation comfortable. Build the team of employees a rich life full of emotional material, contributing to brand Trali a nice day and sustainability.
Commitment to comply with the law in all activities and always conscious to contribute to the integration and development of Vietnam's economy.

Address: 45 Kham Thien, Hanoi
Phone: +84.35161188
Website: www.trali.vn
Email: info@trali.com.vn